Edge Trim vs Rubber U-Channel – The Differences

Edge Trim vs Rubber U-Channel – The Differences. We stock a large selection of both Edge Trims and Rubber U-Channels. But what are the differences?

Edge Trim vs Rubber U-Channel - The Differences

Edge Trims

Our edge trims range are all manufactured from a PVC Rubber and feature a segmented Steel ‘spine’ embedded into the trim. They also feature internal lips or fins which when pushed on to the panel edge, grip the material and prevent it from falling off. The spine allows the trim to be super flexible without it kinking. These trims are perfect for almost all applications whether its on a car panel edge, in the garden or for product finishing.

Pro’s – Quick and easy to fit, simple ‘push fit’ application, no gluing required, robust, heavy duty, wide range of applications, lots of colour choice, highly flexible, huge range of sizes, impact resistant.

Con’s – Can be quite bulky, hard to cut neatly without the know-how (see here to gain the know-how), medium to hard density outer finish, textured finish which is not always desired.



Edge Trim vs Rubber U-Channel - The Differences

Rubber U-Channels

These are a very versatile product range. Not only can they be used to add a finishing edge to a panel, they can be used as a seal too in channels or where two panels are clamped together for example. These are made from EPDM Rubber which makes them soft and compressible. Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

Pro’s – Lightweight, soft density rubber, flexible, small external sizes, wide range of sizes, versatile uses, can be used to seal as well as trim an edge, smooth outer finish, easy to cut with no special tools, can be mitre cut for sharp angles, will not corrode as they are 100% rubber.

Con’s – May require gluing to the panel edge to hold it firmly in place (see suitable glue here), no internal lips means the rubber can sometimes fall off, no

internal ‘spine’ means the rubber will not bend very tight against the way it’s manufactured (in a coil), soft rubber may not be suitable for repeated high impact applications, only available in Black.


Hopefully that makes your decision easier when choosing between the two and explains Edge Trim vs Rubber U-Channel – The Differences. They are both our post popular product ranges and equally are as useful as each other but it will depend on what the application it’s going to be used on. View our full range of Edge Trims here. View our full range of Rubber U-Channels here.